We help actors of change in government, NGO, multi-lateral organizations, and social business sectors to reach their purpose-driven goals through communication.

Prasa is inspired by two meaningful words in Sanskrit, Prativi and Asa. Prativi or Pertiwi personifies our beloved mother country, Indonesia, whilst Asa means hopeful.

Founded by Patrya, Sarah and Gadizsa – Prasa Komunikasi endeavors to providing strategic communication consulting service to organizations addressing community issues, creating meaningful impact and driving positive social change.

We believe that effective communication is one of the significant contributing factors to a nation´s growth and social behavior change. With that in mind, we use systematic process and measurable parameters to design, implement, monitor and evaluate the practices to successfully disseminate messages and accelerate achievements.

People behind Prasa Komunikasi

Patrya Pratama

Patrya possesses a strong skill set in public-policy-related issues. As a senior policy analyst, he led a team of 11 personnel in Transition and Delivery Unit for Governor of DKI Jakarta to synchronize election campaign policy platform into the Government priority plan.

During his work as a Special Staff in Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Patrya initiated Local Education Performance Balance Sheet (Neraca Pendidikan Daerah) program which increased the government transparency to local stakeholders.

He received dual degree, Master of Public Administration from London School of Economics; and Political Science and Master of Public Policy from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Patrya´s research interests include decentralization, political economy and social policy reform in health / education in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Sarah Fitrisia Panjaitan

Sarah is a communication practitioner with years of experience in public relations and strategic communication. She received a Master Degree in Communication Management focusing on Political Communication and a Bachelor Degree in Communication Studies, from University of Indonesia.

For nearly a decade, she has helped national and global organizations including, Bank Indonesia, Directorate General of Taxes, Tetra Pak, Singapore International Foundation and EU Delegation in Indonesia to develop communications strategies using research driven-approaches.

Sarah believes that no single approach is the right one for every organization. This idea reflects in her extensive field of works, from planning advocacy campaign and producing communication plan for KASN to conducting in-depth analysis for Bank Indonesia to obtain accurate information on its stakeholders. She was awarded with The Eddies Award for Best Internal Initiative at Edelman Indonesia in 2012.

Gadizsa Zselamart

Her passion for advocacy can be traced back to her formal education which emphasized on the importance of communication. Gadizsa believes that through a strategic communication intervention, a social change can be achieved. As a communication specialist, Gadizsa´s works involve creating integrated strategies, stakeholders mapping and grass root campaign.

Her educational background includes a Master in International Communication from Leeds Metropolitan University in The United Kingdom and a Master in International Communication from Hanze University of Applied Science Groningen in The Netherland.

Our Vision and Mission

We place meaningful outcomes and sustainable social change at the heart of our consultancy services. Prasa Komunikasi combines customized communication strategies and unconventional thinking to achieve real results against today´s society tough challenges.

Our Value


This is one of our primary values when it comes to our activities. We tenaciously work with passion, in a way that our work in totality resonates with the change makers.


As dedicated professionals, we strive to providing a trustworthy and reliable assistance because we believe that it is the only way to demonstrate our credibility.


We put forth integrity in everything we do with uncompromising adherence to honesty and ethical standards.


We act with courage by reaching beyond boundaries and finding new ways to deliver impactful purpose-driven goals for Indonesia.

Our Services

Prasa Komunikasi draws upon years of experience and deep knowledge in the industry. We have helped actors to create and execute powerful strategic plan for their needs.

Our highly skilled professionals offer a wide array of communication consulting services and here are some of the ways we can help you:

• Strategic Development Communication
• Communication Audit
• Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement
• Media Analysis, Planning, Counsel, and Engagement
• Issues and Crisis Management
• Public and Policy Communication

• Strategic Development Communication
• Communication Audit
• Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement
• Media Analysis, Planning, Counsel, and Engagement
• Issues and Crisis Management
• Public and Policy Communication