Lighting up the rule

Service provided:

Public and Policy Communication, Issues and Crisis Management


After the establishment of Permenkes 28/2013 on Pictorial Health Warning, health advocates demanded the presence of the graphics health warning in every cigarette pack distributed in Indonesia market as soon as possible. To ensure that there was no more delay in the enforcement, an intervention from tobacco control alliance and civil society was necessary.

Our Strategy:

The implementation of tobacco regulation needs efforts from grassroots coalitions to influence authorities and create awareness in the society. Thus, we designed a communication campaign to give more lights to this matter and make it a crucial public agenda.

  • Creating a grassroot-led health movement in Jakarta, Bali, and Bandung
  • Creating a crisis communication plan to ensure the Ministry of Health showed a commitment by not tolerating any violation.


The campaign increased public enthusiasm and awareness; and with the huge media coverage – the advocacy succeeded to the extent that, tobacco industry responded to the government pressure and public outcry.
Starting 24th June 2014, all cigarette packs and their advertisement should contain a pictorial health warning.