Filling The Gap

Service provided:

Public and Policy Communication, Strategic Development Communication, Communication Audit


The newly-elect Jakarta governor wanted to catch up on the go-forward plan and make sure that his team members can work in harmony and collaboratively towards the same goal. However, during the transition, there were communication challenges that could hinder the progress, in a way that may affect the output to wider public.

Our Strategy:

Our team performed a communication audit using measurable effects and found out that there was an inconsistency in the quality of its communication loop.
Teaming up with the Governor´s Transition and Delivery Unit, we provided recommendations on strategies to enhance the overall communication while strengthening the relationship between the organization and the public.

The options included:

  • Conducting internal communication workshops
  • Formulating organizational structures, which involved specific functional departments, and adding the importance of communication within the structures.
  • Developing partnerships to supports the governor´s priorities for the province


As a result, the staff hired a team responsible for smooth communication flow within the organization on daily basis.
The governor´s team also agreed to apply communication simulation in all communication-related activities, from weekly meetings addressing current issues to media development.
After 4 consecutive months of assistance, there was an improvement in terms of messaging efforts. The internal and external communication have shown to earn stakeholders´ and public´s understanding.